Vilnius Whisky Festival logo preview

Vilnius Whisky Festival

On 2 April 2016 an event was hold in Vilnius, Lithuania. It was dedicated to whisky enthusiasts. I was commisioned to create various design material, but most importantly, to design a logo and branding guidelines. The process was very exciting and many concepts were researched as shown below.

  • art direction
  • branding
  • illustration
  • print design
Logo design sketches
Logo design sketches
Festival print material
Close up of new price tags for whisky shop Duoklė Angelams

New price tag design for the whisky shop “Duoklė Angelams” was needed to correspond to the whisky flavour wheel. Such tags helps customers choose their favourite whiskies at a glance. Each element was carefully chosen and hand drawn.

Mockup of price tag on bottle
All price tag designs lined up

“I would like to emphasize one golden trait of Algimantas, which is getting rare nowadays. It is keeping one’s faith. Organizing festival let us face many difficulties, but we were confident about assignments for Algimantas. Said. Promised. Done. Thumbs up!”

Gintautas Dinda
CEO/manager of “Duoklė Angelams”
and “Vilnius Whisky Festival”

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